On location Sitting Fee $250.00
Each session is approximately 1 hour and payment is due in full at the time of your session. There are no minimum poses or number of shots. Fee includes Photographers time, image processing, editing and creative design of each photo in addition to your own private gallery on our site. Your photo's will be posted approximately 2 weeks after your session. Images are not available on a CD nor will they be emailed.

Newborn Photo Sessions $300.00- Newborn sessions are taken in the first 10 days of the child's birth. If you are interested in a photo session for a newborn please reach out to me prior to the baby being born so that I can schedule a potential photo shoot date around the time of birth. A collection of props, hats and headbands are also available for you to choose from. Photo Announcements for newborns will take approximately 2 Weeks from date of photo selection as they are all custom made. Pricing for announcements is below. Session fee doesn't include any prints.

Single Prints
Each image is manually adjusted for quality results. Single prints don’t include envelopes. Prints can be made in any size and are also available with a Brush Stroke Finish for an additional Cost.

4x6 Prints $3.50

5x7 Prints $6.50

8x10 Prints $35.00

10x13 Prints $45.00

11X14 Prints $50.00

16x20 Prints $80.00

Photo Custom Made Cards for any Occasion.
All Cards are personally designed by Foto Couture. We do not invest in purchasing any existing templates from other designers. The ability to create personal pieces of art for each client is what gives us a unique edge. The Design Fee is included in the price for each card. There is a minimum order of 25. All orders include plain white envelopes.

5X7 Photo Cards printed on photo paper. Image available only on one side $2.75 Per Card

5X5 Photo Card's Printed on card stock with images on both sides. Available in Linen, Pearl or Cotton Finish. Cards are offered with Ornate, Scalloped, Round or Rectangle Borders. $3.25 Per Card.

5X7 Photo Card's Printed on both sides on Linen, Pearl or Cotton Card Stock Cards are offered with Ornate, Scalloped, Round or Rectangle Borders. $3.75 Per Card

5.25X8 Folded Greeting Card with the option to have photo's on all sides. Linen, Pearl or Cotton Finish. $4.00 Per Card

6 or 10 Panel Accordion Greeting Card with the Option to have photo's on all sides. Linen, Pearl or Cotton Finish. $4.00 Per Card

Fee includes photo design

8X10 Photo Collage $60.00

11X14 Photo Collage $85.00

Prints on Canvas, Masonite and Metals are also available. Pricing is provided upon request

Communion Package $300.00 A personal photo Shoot which includes unlimited shots and different poses of your child in addition to any family members. The package includes your own private gallery on our site for up to 1 year, 1- 8x10, 3- 5x7 and 8- Wallets. Your session will be approximately one hour. You are not limited to one pose for each print, you can mix them up at your preference. Package can’t be altered but additional prints can be ordered at anytime at the regular rate, which is posted above.

We don’t email or create CD’s of your prints to be distributed.
*All prints are property of Foto Couture. Images of any person or subject taken by Rosie Fodera can be sold, distributed or reprinted for any use solely by Rosie Fodera. Images will NOT be emailed or downloaded on a CD to any clients. Clients can view their images on our website. Foto Couture has taken every precaution in protecting the site from illicit viewers. However, if you elect to keep your photos on the site, Foto Couture is relieved of any responsibility or liability for any inappropriate or unauthorized use of your photos. If you would like to purchase prints, please contact Foto Couture via email or by phone. Clients, Labs and or Photographers are prohibited from copying or reprinting any work done by Foto Couture. All gift certificates expire within one year of the date of purchase. Booking a photo shoot implies that you have read and agreed to these terms.